Residential Program

Evergreen Homes feels that all individuals with intellectual or physical disabilities should receive the assistance needed in order to achieve the highest level of self sufficiency attainable. We offer a variety of services to assist individuals in achieving a self reliant living situation. We offer 15 different residential homes within Armstrong County which provide 24 hour in home assistance with trained staff available at all times to help individuals adapt and learn the vital skills needed to be able to live on their own. Each of our residential homes has only a 3-4 person occupancy per home with residents aged 18 and over and is adapted as needed for each individuals access.

Everyone has something to contribute whether big or small. Direct support staff are present to guide and assist program participants in all aspects of daily living. Individualized Support Plans assist program participants in recognizing wants and needs to achieve positive outcomes.

Assistance to program participants in any or all of the following:

  • Self Help/Hygiene
  • Medical Appointments
  • Money Management/Shopping
  • Community Access/Inclusion
  • Communication Skills
  • Medication Administration
  • Health Maintenance
  • Social Integration/Leisure
  • Food Preparation/Nutrition
  • Day Program/Job Services
  • And anything else required for daily living

Typical Activities & Events

  • Attending seasonal fairs and events
  • Visiting zoos, amusement parks and museums
  • Riding bikes and walking local trails
  • Going to the YMCA
  • Movies and local dance events
  • Eating out and shopping
  • Church activities
  • Attending work and volunteer programs
  • Visiting with friends and family
  • Decorating for holiday celebrations
  • Cooking favorite meals
  • Being a good neighbor
  • Being involved in our communities